About US
Kaori founded in 1970. We pursuit of innovative heat treatment technology which purpose is to improve the heat treatment technology to keep pace with the United States and European countries. In order to meet carbon reduction trends in the world to make a contribution to the global environment; Kaori invest in research and development of green energy market has become a green energy company and also established Kaori Heat Pumps Division.

Kaori’s main ability is help clients to do total solution of energy saving and management. Kaori premise of environmental protection developed three kinds of models that are Air Source, Water Source and CO2(R744) to cope with the various industries. Especially CO2 models, Kaori solve the technical difficulties successfully developed CO2 refrigerant cycle heat pump which can provide up to maximum of 90℃ hot water.

Kaori Heat Pumps Division has the professional engineering team and R & D experience in energy efficiency, commitment to Green, Environmental and Energy to improve the integration of global warming. But also for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, Kaori has written a historic milestone.


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