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Kaori; A strong in Plate Heat Exchanger technology is highly
respected for its innovation.

As one of the HVAC Industry members, you might be interested in finding a high quality and durable heat exchanger for your heating/ cooling or heat pump system. As you know the evaporator and Condenser are one of the most spacing consuming among the four main components for the system. Kaori with its compact and high strength Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger offer excellent heat transfer ideally to fulfill with customers¡¦ satisfaction.

KAORI (http://www.kaori.com.tw) have been making brazed plate heat exchangers for more than a decade and their goal is to supply the best quality brazed plate heat exchanger with competitiveness. With CE (PED), RoHs, ASME (U and Um), UL, GOST-R (Russia), KRAIA (Korea), ISO-14001, ISO-9001, KAORI Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are successfully sold to over 50 countries in the world.

Kaori truly understand the importance of heat exchanger in the HVAC system. Kaori ask every single employee to strictly abide by the rule and policy of ¡§do not accept, produce or release any inadequate goods.¡¨ Moreover, Kaori¡¦s brazed plate heat exchangers are combined efforts of Kaori¡¦s quality designs, automatic punching machines, continuous brazing production facilities and numerous vacuum furnaces, which all contribute to Kaori¡¦s worldwide reputation, with exports to over all over the world, in industries like refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump, fluid cooling / heating, Ecocute CO2 Heat Pump Hot water system and Heat Recovery System etc¡K

To meet clients¡¦ special need, Kaori introduced highly expandable and easily cleanable gasket plate heat exchangers for high-tech industries like semiconductor, photonics, electronics, power generation, large-scale ice storage, machinery, chemical engineering, food and so on. In the future, not only will Kaori continue to develop new plate heat exchangers, it will also collaborate with peripheral industries for further expand different applications of its products and provide more comprehensive and integrated services.

In the future, Kaori will continue to invest in cutting-edge equipment and continuously research, develop and improve on new technologies and manufacturing processes so that new materials can be adequately utilized and fulfill the new market demands.

Kaori¡¦s growth, from local to global and from traditional to technological, has earned a lot of praise and encouragement. Kaori still keep our original promises of quality goods, services and personnel, all of which are motivating Kaori¡¦s continuous growth.

Looking into the future, not only will Kaori have a strong foothold on Taiwan¡¦s heat exchanger technologies, it will also keep up with international cutting-edge, environment-savvy products and technologies, further benefiting the entire world!


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