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Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger
Why use a plate heat exchanger?
The advantages of the plate heat exchanger begin with its design.
Plate heat exchangers, or PHEs, deliver greater efficiency, lower
cost, easier cleaning and maintenance, and closer approach
temperatures than any other heat transfer technology.
Compared to spiral and shell and tube heat exchangers, PHEs
of similar capacity also take up little floor space and are easy to
expand. The vertical swing out plates allow one to pack thousands
of square feet of heat transfer area into a small space, while still
allowing room for future growth.
Flow arrangements
While hot and cold fluids flow in opposite directions across a @
single plate, the flow pattern between plates can be varied.
Plate heat exchanger flow patterns can be single or multi pass. @
A single-pass arranqement means each fluid flows in the @
same respective direction across all the plates in the unit. @
A multi - pass arrangement is designed in such a way that fluids can change their respective flow directions. Single-pass units are suitable for most applications, but very low flow rates or extremely close-approach temperatures may call for the multi pass configuration.
Single-pass arrangement Suitable
for most application.
Multi-pass arrangement for application with low
flow rates or close-approach temperatures.
Phosphate tank heaters, seal water coolers, plating
solution cooling, paint heating, welder water cooling,
induction heater cooling, hydraulic oil coolers, quench oil
heat exchangers, and cooling tower isolation.
Heat recovery, caustic solution heating and cooling,
ashers, and dye concentrate heating.
@ @ @ @
@ @ @ @
Brine cooling, water heating, and wart cooling. Caustic
soda coolers, acid coolers, hydrogen gas coolers, and
brine heaters and coolers.
Scrubber coolers, jacket water coolers, slab induction
heating coolers, hydraulic oil cooling, mold water cooling,
refractory liner cooling, roll oil cooling, and cooling of
continuous casting installations.
@ @ @ @
Process interchangers, brine heating and cooling,salt
refining, process water isolation vapor condensers,
acid heating and cooling, and gasscrubber heaters
and coolers.
@ @ HVAC
Cooling tower isolation, free cooling, heat pump
systems, thermal storage systems, condenser water
heat recovery, district heating and cooling, seawater
isolation,geothermal heating, engine cooling, lube oil
cooling, fuel oil heating, generator cooling, and heating
water with steam.
@ @ @ @
@ @ @ @
Sugar refining, fructose solution heating and cooling,
whiskey recuperators, yeast coolers, starch coolers and
heaters, corn syrup cooling, and edible oil heaters and
Digester heaters, blow-down liquor coolers, caustic
soda coolers, boiler blow-down heat recovery,
whitewater, and black liquor heating.
@ @ @ @
@ @ @ @
Seawater isolation/exchanger.
Quench oil coolers, plating heaters and coolers,
anodizer heaters and coolers, strike solution cooling,
and pickling tank heating.
@ @ @ @
@ @ @ @
Oil refining, natural gas processing, offshore drilling, and
petrochemical processing.
Auxiliary cooling circuit isolation, condenser water
isolation, cogeneration applications, geothermal
applications, refuse burning applications, lubrication oil
cooling, and diesel engine cooling and heat recovery.
@ @ @ @
@ @ @ @
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