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Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger Construction
Most Extensive Selection
Kaori offers an extensive selection of plate heat exchangers .
The plate heat transfer surface areas are available, starting
in sizes from less than 1/2 square foot to more than 27
square feet ( 0.05-2.5 square meters). This broad selection
of sizes, combined with multiple embossed patterns and
varying flow capacities, guarantees the best technical
solution to specific heating or cooling requirements.
High Flow Rates
Flows up to 16,000 gpm (60,600 lpm) are possible with the
largest Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger. This high flow
capacity generally eliminates the need for multiple units in
large flow applications, greatly reducing installation costs.
Frame Assembly
The frame assembly is a heavy-duty construction, built to very strict tolerances. This ensures optimum plate pack compression and leak prevention.
More Square Feet of Heat Transfer Surface
A single unit can have up to 25,000
square feet (2,323 square meters )
of heat transfer surface. This
extensive surface area, combined
with high thermal efficiency, offers
a potential for tremendous heat transfer capacity.
@ @ Heat Transfer Plate
The plate heat exchanger is a precision engineered, high-quality plate. Its performance criteria Include high thermal efficiency, uniform fluid distribution, minimal fouling, clean operation, and suitability for full differential pressure rating.
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Gaskets are designed to positively locate in gasket grooves. Also, gaskets are fabricated from carefully selected compositions to ensure trouble-free performance. The snap-in Performance (available on most models) is useful for easy gasket removal and replacement.
@ @ Connections
The studded port is the standard
construction on all but the smallest
unit. This design provides absolute
protection for heat transfer plates
under all pipe loading conditions.
In addition, all studded ports can
be fully lined to protect against
erosion of frame materia l and
corrosion of heat transfer plates.
Lap- joint, weld- neck, and ferrule
connections are available.
@ @ @ @
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Durable shrouds are standard on all units and are OSHA approved. These shrouds protect plates and gaskets and help maintain a clean, distinctive appearance for the life of the heat exchanger.
@ @ Inspection and Testing
The unit is subjected to rigorous quality assurance inspections. For example, to ensure all units are leak tight under all possible operating conditions, each circuit is independently tested at full design pressure with the other circuit open to atmosphere. Then, all circuits are tested simultaneously at full test pressure. ASME registration is available on all of our heat exchangers.
Large Selection of Plates Available

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